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The Comunity Security Trust

The Community Security Trust (CST) is a Jewish charity that supports victims of antisemitism and records antisemitic hate incidents and hate crimes. CST received charitable status in 1994 and is a national organisation with full time staff in London, Manchester and Leeds and a network of volunteers throughout the United Kingdom. Its annual Antisemitic Incidents Report contains the only UK-wide statistics and analysis of antisemitic incidents and hate crimes. CST has extensive experience of advocacy and support for victims of antisemitic hate crime.

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CST works across the Jewish community, from the most religious to the most secular, young to old and across the political spectrum. CST works closely with Police at local, regional and national levels, including joint security patrols in Jewish areas, training classes and exercises, exchange of antisemitic incident data and numerous advisory roles.


CST believes that building better relations across communities is key to reducing prejudice and bigotry of all forms and is proud to be part of CATCH.

Contact CST:

Phone 0208 457 9999

Emergency 24hr number:

0800 032 3263


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